A lesson in forgiveness

The kids here desperately need you. Please try to come more than twice per week. This group of kids are very difficult to deal with. Most of them have social complications and family problems and they have a tendency for deviation. Your manner in dealing with them is exactly what they need for they feel that they are accepted and loved. You have penetrated into their hearts and they love listening to you.” This was the feedback of the head of the juvenile detention, Mr. Hussein, after a few sessions from our Tabadol (Ex-change) program.

During one of our sessions, two of the boys, Jasem and Ahmad, got into an argument and started wrestling each other. Jasem also started to threaten Ahmad that he wanted to kill him with a knife. After seeing what was happening, we separated the boys from each other, took them aside and warned them how dangerous it was what they were doing. We spoke to them about the meaning of love and forgiveness.

Half an hour later, we saw Jasem stand up and go over to Ahmad. He apologized for his behavior and hugged him. Ahmad was surprised from Jasem’s behavior, but his facial expression softened and he too hugged back his friend and asked for forgiveness.

We were proud of the way the boys acted after they realized what they had done wrong. I hope we all are as willing to put our pride aside and reach out to mend petty fights we have with other.

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