Bible-based communication and team-building workshop for teens

On the 16th of August 2108, the Bible Society programs department joined the youth of Saydit El Talle Deir el Kamar parish at their summer camp to carry out a team building and communications workshop with a built-in Biblical message.

The workshop consisted of several fun games that required the teens to work in teams, with an assigned leader for each team. These games revealed the character of each of the players. Some are leaders; some prefer working alone, while others like to sit in the shade and watch others do the work.

Then the teens received some pointers on how to improve communication with others to accomplish common goals, what to do when we fail to reach our goal, and how to respond to others’ attitudes on the field.

A participant said that one of the games made her realize how much her team lacked proper communication that they had to re-plan and change strategies more than once in order to accomplish what they were set out to do. It also taught her that sometimes it’s okay to fail, then edit strategy and relaunch.

The teams in every game had to work as one to accomplish a certain mission. Similarly, the church should work as one body to carry out the great commission.

In the church, there are leaders, followers, solo workers, and those that think they have no role to play. However, the teens learned that to accomplish our mission as a Church each person should play his/her part through manifesting the different gifts of the Spirit based on 1 Corinthians 12:27 “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”

One girl commented, “I loved how all the games were summarized in one lesson. We all make up the church. If anyone of us slacks behind, then the church becomes lacking.”

We pray that God will give these teens strength and perseverance to play the roles they are set out for as part of the Church as a whole.

The Bible Society’s vision is to holistically meet the needs of communities through the transforming Word of God. As a Christian inter-confessional, ecumenical, non-profit organization, it works to spread the Holy Bible’s message and culture to all generations through translating, publishing, and distributing the Scriptures using visual, audio-visual, readable, and digital formats, encouraging people to read and engage with God’s Word, advocating the Bible cause to uphold human dignity, and partnering with all Churches and Christian institutions.

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