To yield qualified persons who are specialized in motivating different age groups in their churches to read the Bible through Church activities.

To achieve the objectives of the Center, we will work in different ways:

  • Train a team or members of churches to hold a puppet show and provide them with a complete play script that can be performed in churches, parishes, and church events.
  • Train a team or individuals to communicate the Bible in a humorous way and suitable for children, creating a fun atmosphere and securing the display of the biblical scene or Christian values through several comic characters.
  • Equipping and training a team or individuals on key methods for reading the Bible in a scientific way that speaks to human reality away from literalism and fundamentalism. It also, helps persons to acquire essential life skills, such as the art of communication, leadership, and public speaking, to be able to motivate young people in churches to read the Bible.
  • Equipping and training of individuals or couples married or preparing for marriage on how to link marriage and its challenges to the Christian Biblical values and how to achieve successful marital life based on stability in love, joy, and realism through the Bible.

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