Bible stories teaching sisters how to read and write

The formal education of many of the refugee children took a halt when they came to Lebanon. They were not enrolled in any education system until it was clear that their situation was not going to change for some time. Then NGOs and churches started to address the situation.

Darine and her younger sister Asraa’ are one of those children. They are now enrolled in a school for refugees set up by a church in Zahle, located in the east of Lebanon. The church adopted the Bible Society Arabic literacy program for children who are behind in their education compared to their age.

The girls led us through a mud filled yard in a suspended construction site leading to their home. It is made up of one room where they live with their brother, little sister, and parents.

Asraa’ expressed that she loves to go to school. Her favorite story from the 365 Bible stories book is “They arrived to the shore safely.” It’s the story from acts 27 about the shipwreck that happened as the Apostle Paul and other prisoners were being taken to Rome.

The older sister Darine, was not as fluent in reading. She was excited to read for us and show us what she had learnt at school. As she was taking her time spelling out every word, Asraa’ started laughing. Upset and embarrassed, Darine stopped reading and just said “I don’t know how to read.”
We encouraged Darine to keep on studying and not be discouraged. It’s tough for children who don’t know how to read, which emphasizes the importance of this program.

The parents are happy that their children are back in school.

The mother said, “When we first came here, they didn’t know how to read or write. But now after going to school, they know how to read and write. Thank God they’re in a much better state than when we first arrived here.”

She continued, “I hope they excel at school and that they would know how to read and write when we go back to Syria. They were deprived of education in Syria, and we don’t want them to be deprived of it here too. This is the only thing we ask of you.”

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