To position the Bible Society as a pioneer digital mission deliverer in the Arab World through effective and relevant digital materials, e-books, Apps, social media, and support services.

This Center seeks to create a series of digital Biblical materials for dissemination throughout the Arab World (Middle East and North Africa) where access to materials are conducted safely and electronically. With the increasing pressure and fanaticism in the region, the digital interactive Bible stories, apologetics, and discipleship materials provides and delivers mission that will not be adversely affected by uncertainties and uprisings. The digital Bible mission delivery could also surpass political changes and the probable increased pressure on Christian presence in the region. Services include up to five e-books, Apps, interactive children biblical stories, daily Bible readings and verses, Biblical resources such as Bible study notes, dictionaries, concordances, audio readings, video access and downloads of Biblical programs, and Biblical studies/commentaries.

Digital Bible Mission

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