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After 10 years...

Samar a young girl in the early twenties, visited our offices in Bauchrieh asking to bring a group of children from her parish, to visit Bible World. While conversing with her she mentioned: ” I visited Bible World since 9 years with my school, now  I am responsible of a  group of children in my church, I want them to do this visit, I want them to feel what I have felt when I was their age while visiting Bible World. I know they will never forget this visit, it will engage them the Bible.”

Amine, Amine, it's me!

While Amine, one of Bible World counselors, was shopping at the supermarket, he heard a young voice calling him: “Amine, Amine, it’s me. Do you remember me?” Amine turned in the direction of the voice and saw a 12-year-old boy looking at him with a big smile. Amine tried hard to remember who this boy is, and although the face looked familiar to him, he could not remember. So he just smiled back at the boy, and said hello to his veiled mother.


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