Auguste the Clown’s Lebanon tour from February 16 till March 4, was an exceptional one. More than 3550 children and youth appreciated his enjoyable and meaningful performances. A long list of schools invited him to perform on their theatres, such as College Saint Joseph Autoura, Saints Coeurs – Marj Ouyoun, Saints Coeurs – Kfarzebian, Champville, College Patriarchal, Sagesse high school, Antonine – Mar Doumit…

As usual Auguste the Clown presented his shows to the audience in a funny way, with many enchanting magical tricks, yet holding strong Christian messages. The Swiss clown performed two different shows this year: “The Magical words” for children between six and 12, about considering the important words to say while talking to people and to God, such as “Sorry, Thank you, please, I love you…” And his second show specially designed for youth entitled “Auguste the Clown opens his heart,” addressed the problem of self-acceptance and search for identity that teenagers usually struggle with.

After each show children and youth were gathering around the clown with their smiley faces, asking him all kinds of questions, interacting with him, requesting an autograph and taking pictures. Many young ones said that he was fabulous in the way he linked his magical tricks to spiritual notions. One young girl shared: “He makes me understand the love of God in a different way, I never imagined that a Christian message can be presented in a funny way.” A little boy said: “Auguste the Clown is a big magician, and he loves Jesus.” One school administrator, a clergy, commented: “Presenting Christian messages in an entertaining way goes straight to the youth and children hearts. Our students were reacting perfectly with him, he is amazing.”

Auguste the Clown commits annually to visit Lebanon and tour schools with the Bible Society team.