On 9 and 11 April 2019 the Bible Society held the finals for the annual ONLINE BIBLE COMPETITION FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS (see related story) at the General Secretariat of Catholic Schools in Ain Najem, Lebanon.

two teams at the bible society school competition

There were three groups competing for the finals, each with two teams from different schools competing against each other according to the age group and level of difficulty of the contest. Questions about the Bible were asked by turn to each of the teams. The scores were calculated based on the number of correct answers and speed of response.

bible question in the bible society competition

There were 11 schools enrolled in the competition this year. The winning teams for the three levels were from Ecole Notre Dame De La Paix – Dora, Collège Sainte Thérèse – Furn El Chebbak, and Val Père Jacques – Jal el Dib.

The winnma3 l kitab kola yawm + ing teams in the age group 8-14 received as a prize the comic book Manga Bible, while the age group 15-17 18 received a daily   Bible devotional book.
In addition, all the girls received a gold plated “Jesus” bracelet, while the guys received a “Jesus” necklace and a stainless steel and rubber bracelet.

An honorary ceremony awaits the winners later this year in Bkerke where His Beatitude Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rai the President Chairman of the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon (APECL) will present each student with a certificate.