During the last week of June 2017, Bible Society Lebanon in partnership with the American Bible Society (ABS) organized and hosted a three days children’s trauma healing training. The purpose of this training was to equip colleagues and individuals from Lebanon, Syria and Iraq who work with children on how to deal and help those who have been through trauma, especially refugees.

The trainers Dr Margi McCombs, Children and Teen director at ABS, and child psychiatrist Dr Helen Hayes, shared with the attendees how to approach the healing process through the word of God using Bible stories, scripture engagement and creative games.

After completing the training, the participants carried out a five-day camp for about 50 refugee children. The kids had fun in the games, and enjoyed learning and sharing their thoughts on characters from the Bible. The children shared what they had learned with their parents through songs and theatre plays in a celebration ceremony at the camp’s finale.

Bible Societies in the region are committed to holistically help marginalized communities in the region through Bible-based trauma healing programs.