Our programs team is always seeking to broaden its ministry to be able to reach and help the largest number of people. Recently and for the first time, the team started Ex-change / “Tabadol”, which is a new program targeting juvenile youth of ages between 12 and 18 years old, who are placed in Lebanese facilities and prisons. The objective of designing Ex-change / “Tabadol” program is to challenge the expression levels of these young people and raise their self-esteem through five sessions based on Drama therapy exercises (breathing technique, self-control, listening, communicating…), that are supposed to guide them to start expressing and managing their emotions so that they can turn away from their old wrong ways and step out into new ways.

The program was launched first in a Males teen facility in Fanar, Beirut with twenty two boys. Both parties, our team and the teenagers, were excited for the sessions to commence.

The sessions, which were led by actor/director Paul Saado, allowed the youth to share their life stories while executing different workshops. They expressed their emotions, faced their anger and revealed their fears and regrets. It wasn’t easy for the team to listen to all these sad statements, but the overall outcome was worth it when relief was evident on the faces of the whole group.

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