As in every year, the Bible Society Board organized a special dinner for Major Donors, supporters, partners, and representatives of the churches on June 13 at Le Maillon Restaurant. More than 110 persons were present – businesspeople, professionals, clergy, and politicians – including Bible Society Board members and some staff members.
After a word of welcome from the Chairman, Mr. Amine Khoury, prayers were offered by Archbishop Cyril Salim Bustros. After dinner, the General Secretary, Dr. Mike Bassous, presented the challenges and opportunities of the Bible Society, mainly its distribution reach and its engagement impact. He then invited the guests to become part of the ministry supporters.
While sharing about the bible-engagement audio-visual program “The Word is yours,” the General Secretary asked the anchor and presenter of this talk show, Mrs. Hiyam ABou Chedid, to share about her experience leading the program. She was then presented with the same Bible she was presenting to her guests, by Archbishop Daniel Kourieh.
The dinner concluded as donors committed to support the Bible Society in one of the three following categories:
Friends of the Society ($500 – $1,499)
Association of Supporters ($1,500 – $4,999)
Board of Stakeholders ($5,000 & over)