Since the beginning of April 2020, the Bible Society in partnership with BALADI CAP, a USAID partner, have launched a math literacy program that targets underprivileged Lebanese, Iraqi and Syrian refugee children residing in Lebanon. Ten partner churches who serve this audience signed up for the program because math is an essential skill that helps individuals reach their full potential and allows them to participate in society. In addition, it opens the window for beneficiaries to enter schools to begin a fresh and new start outside their current context.

The Math program includes two levels of 20 lessons each. After completing the program, students must be knowledgeable of the below learning objectives:

• Lines and geometric shapes
• Numbers up to 1000
• Measuring in centimeters
• Drawing with a ruler
• Quick calculation methods
• Shape matches and symmetry
• Addition, subtraction, multiplication
• Solids and stereoscopic shapes

Over 600 children have benefited from this program. One of the teachers expressed how much she liked the curriculum, “I liked the book because it has all the concepts put together in simple order. The book is easy to use, fun to see and very user friendly for children. This is a great addition to Arabic Math books for covering important math concepts for children.”


Noujoud, a 12-year-old student, commented, “I am enjoying the Arabic Math book. I haven’t been able to do math in Arabic since we left Syria. It was nice that our center sent these books to my siblings and I. Every week we watch the teacher’s videos and solve the problems. My younger siblings love the book because it is very colorful and they can color while learning.”

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