One of the most important events that happens in a child’s life is his/her first communion; this celebration that leaves us with a new commitment to faith and a white book that we like to keep neat and clean.

We have noticed that the First Communion new testaments we have in Arabic are all just text. That book is prized at first, but soon does it become just a memory item on the bookshelf.

This is why we decided to take the initiative to change this cycle. We want the white book to become stained with fingers and filled with ruffled pages.
This is the first Arabic First Communion New Testament that contains colorful illustrations.
What makes this version even more special is that it contains a special dedication page from the Council of Presidents of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon.
We pray that every kid that receives this book is encouraged to read from it and enjoy the fullness of his/her new faith commitment by digging into God’s word.