On 22 August 2019 the Bible Society Lebanon in partnership with Jil El Injil published a new book, The Jil El Injil illustrated Gospels.

Jil El Injil, which translates to “The Generation of the Gospel”, started as a TV program that quizzed people on the Bible and the history of the church. Now, a book version of this program is available.

The book contains the full texts of the four Gospels using the Good News Arabic translation, with illustrations.
At the end of each gospel, there are questions section in eight formats: circle the correct answer, fill in the blanks, true or false, find the intruder, continue the verse, connect the miracle to the reference, connect the columns, and who said what.
These questions test the readers’ knowledge of the gospel that they had just read.

In total, the book contains 1933 questions with all the correct answers in a section at the end.
We pray that this book would encourage people to read the Bible and help in keeping the word of God fresh and clear in their minds.

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