The Bible Society and World Vision Lebanon launched an advocacy campaign among university students between May 4-15, 2015, by installing a stand for one day at each university, to allow students to discover the Peace and Justice Bible, talk with our staff about it, and even receive a free copy should they wish to have one.

Peace and justice has always been, and is more so today, a topic of debate and discussion especially for us here in the Middle East. The students showed a lot of interest in this Bible cause and asked all kinds of questions concerning the peace and justice topic. This Bible highlights more than 3,000 verses that tackle the issues of peace and social justice, and includes fifteen articles that address biblical perspectives of human rights, peace, justice, social issues, etc…

One of the most touching remarks we heard from the students was when one exclaimed “This book should be in every home!” Surely many copies of the Peace and Justice Bible were distributed and we hope that every reader of this Bible gains a clearer and wider knowledge of the topic at hand.

The universities visited were: Notre Dame – Louezy (NDU), Universite Saint Esprit (USEK), Antonine University, La Sagesse University and Saint Joseph University (USJ).

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