On the 20th of June of 2016, the Bible Society held its supporters’ annual dinner. Over 100 people were present – business people, professionals, clergy, and politicians – including Bible Society Board members and some staff members.

The dinner commenced with a word of welcome and introduction from the Chairman, Mr. Amine Khoury followed by an opening prayer from Rev. Dr. Habib Bader.

During the dinner, the General Secretary, Dr. Mike Bassous, presented the challenges and opportunities of the Bible Society, as well as its scope, reach and impact. He also informed the attendees of the Bible Society’s latest accomplishments such as having a street in Beirut named after the organization, completing a handwritten bible in 3 months written by the believers in Lebanon, and reaching 12,800 in 2015, in the school programs in the past year alone.

The CEO’s presentation was shortly interrupted by Wissam, a member of the kids’ programs team, who performed one of the tricks that he does in the school skits to give the attendees a sense of the impact of the school’s programs. The audience laughed and responded as Wissam explained how the trick relates to the Bible message.

As dinner was coming to an end, the Bible Society took this opportunity to show appreciation to one of its oldest supporters, Bishop Boulos Mattar, who is approaching his 25th year of service as Bishop of the Maronite Diocese of Beirut. Throughout the years, Bishop Mattar has been a big support to the Bible Society in Lebanon. Majed Bou Hadir expressed it best when he described how the bishop has accompanied the society in all stages as a father, friend and mentor.

Last, but not least, the guests were invited to become part of the ministry supporters.

Donors committed to support the Bible Society in one of the three following categories: Friends of the Society ($500 – $1,499), association of Supporters ($1,500 – $4,999), and Board of Stakeholders ($5,000 & over).

If you’d like to be one of our supports, follow this link: https://biblesociety.org.lb/w/donate/