Bible Society – Lebanon launches a new contextualized Scripture portion for displaced children.

The latest production entitled “The hope of homecoming” is a story/activity book for refugee kids. Considering the refugee crisis, a big portion of our activities have been involving refugees and displaced people, especially children. Activities range from trauma healing camps, Bible World, Billy Cookie the Clown and others. Being with these kids, there is a need to give them something to take home once the program is over, a reminder of what they have learned.

The workbook is a relatable story about two siblings, Ramy and Sarah, who had to flee their home in the fictional town of Marjana, because of the war, and seek refuge in another country. The siblings go through some rough times in their journey, but throughout it all, they learn that God never deserts them and is with them every step of the way. At the end of the story, the siblings and their parents hear news of the end of war in their country, and go back to celebrate with all their family and friends.


The story aims to teach children that even though they are far away from “home”, the God of love and peace is watching over them wherever they may be. The illustrations of the story are all half-colored, leaving it to the children to color the other half. There are also six activity pages of mazes and hidden objects games for the kids to solve. This activity book is available for the benefit of all organizations and individuals who work with refugee children from the Middle East.

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