Bible Society – Lebanon launched its Family Bible campaign in June 2023 with the purpose of bringing families together around God’s word during this summer season.

Bible Society Lebanon is on a mission to empower families and strengthen faith through the power of God’s Word.

Visiting more than 30 diocese/churches/bishops, under the leadership of General Secretary / CEO, Dr. Mike Bassous, Bible Society’s core team – consisting of Programs Coordinator Deacon Joe Eid, Psychosocial Support Coordinator Clinical Psychologist Rita Zakhour, Communications/Marketing Officer Magaly Habr, and other staff – presented the multidisciplinary program at various events.

The Bible Society Lebanon, driven by a deep dedication to empowering believers and strengthening family bonds through the exploration of God’s Word, has embarked on a mission to encourage family Bible reading across all Christian denominations in the country. Having conducted an anonymous survey among individuals in their database, the survey’s results were both enlightening and challenging, as they revealed that less than 10% of families read the Bible together. However, an overwhelming 70% expressed their deep desire for tools and resources to aid them in this crucial endeavor.

The Arabic “100 Steps Family Bible” enables parents to engage with their children in the transformative Word of God. From reading and educating to playing, this book helps parents build a solid foundation of faith in their children’s hearts. The Bible Society has also prepared 25 of the 100 steps as video helps to assist parents in engaging in the book’s activities.

In addition, the Family Bible campaign includes a comprehensive 10-hour family program specifically designed for parents, which delves into essential aspects of family life and biblical teachings, ultimately fostering a stronger bond between parents and children.

Joining hands with local churches, this campaign is set to make a lasting impact, bringing families closer together and drawing them nearer to God. The power of the Bible is being unlocked, one family at a time.

The Bible Society’s mission is to spread the Holy Bible’s message and culture to all generations through translating, publishing, and distributing the Scriptures using visual, audio-visual, readable, and digital formats, encouraging people to read and engage with God’s Word, advocating the Bible cause to uphold human dignity, and partnering with all Churches and Christian institutions.


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