The Bible Society in Lebanon is one of 135 other local organizations in the world that have joined the United Bible Societies. It works with them through hundreds of translations and distributions and other projects. The Bibles Society in Lebanon has contributed to the establishment of Bible Societies in Jordan and the Gulf and is still responsible for the work in Syria and Iraq.

In addition to the new Concordance, Dictionary and Study Notes of the new GNA translation, Bible Society is working on the Arabic multi-media version of the scripture and APPS. Bible Society is also working in partnership with institutions and churches to strengthen family ties and Christian faith. The Bible Society Center became a center for all Christians, which now includes audio and video studio facilities and a Bible World for children.

Hardly. There is much to do. More than two billion men, women and children around the world have never heard the message of hope found in the Word of God. Fewer than half the world’s 5,000 languages and distinct dialects include a single word of Scripture. Probably less than one Lebanese in 100 reads the Bible regularly!
Yes, there is much to do. The Scriptures are the source of hope for a world in need and Bible Society wants to contribute towards making that message available and accessible to every person. With the grace of God and the support of committed people of faith, the Lebanon Bible Society will continue its work of providing resources for God’s people in Lebanon and the region, and of supporting the efforts of its partners in the United Bible Societies around the world.

Bible Society remains focused on making the Scriptures available to everyone, everywhere. New translations in contemporary language and formats will help everyone better understand God’s Word. We are trying to keep up with the technological changes of our world.

By serving all Christian denominations; by being a partner with churches, schools and other organizations; through the hard work of volunteers who distribute the Scriptures and other resources to support various ministries; and as a result of the generous support of individuals, institutions and partner societies. Our work is inter-confessional.

Yes! We serve all Christian churches, denominations, and agencies, in part, by providing translations and publications that meet the needs of each church family. We leave teaching and explaining the Scriptures to our partner groups; Bible Society’s job is to provide resources to help these partners do their ministry. We do, however, publish special editions when requested to do so by various faith groups.

We do both. The Bible Society believes that to fully appreciate the Scriptures, those who receive them should truly want them. An evidence of that is a willingness to pay. However, Bible Society prices Bibles at or even below its production costs to keep them affordable. With contributions from our donors, Bible Society also is able to provide free or subsidized Scriptures to many people and ministries every year.

Bible Society is present on the worldwide web at with a site that includes general information about the national and international societies. The complete Good News Arabic Bible and the Western Armenian Reference Bible are available for downloading and online reading, and a search engine to enhance Bible studies is also available on our website. In addition, Bible Society has developed multi-media translations with tapes and videos, and soon CD-ROM versions of several Scripture stories to communicate the Word of God to today’s young people.