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مع الكتاب كل يوم على تطبيق Bible رحلة مع يسوع Selfcare

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Schools Bible Competition Finale 2019

Major Donors Dinner 2016

Click here for details about the Major Donors Dinner 2016

Major Donors’ Dinner 2018

CTH training and Camp

Major Donors Dinner 2019

The Magi Initiative: East ⇆ West

Major Donors’ dinner 2017

Bicentennial/Platinum anniversary celebration

Bible World Tour

Book of Life – first graduation ceremony

Honorary ceremony for the Online Catholic Schools competition winners

Initial Adult Trauma Healing Training

Bible Distribution – How you can help

Can you afford to sacrifice one insignificant task for the sake of someone receiving a Bible? With a $5 per month donation, you can help us give away 12 Bibles per year. Be our partners in spreading God’s word! Donate now at

Bible-based communication and team-building workshop for teens

Finale of the Online Bible Competition for Schools

Week of the Bible 2017

Programs for children and teens at Central College Jounieh

On Monday 5 March 2018, the Bible Society visited Central College Jounieh to present a bundle of programs for its students.

Over 1000 children and teens benefited from the programs.

The children enjoyed learning about God through a fun puppet show and a clown show. They also received free bible stories books. While the teens learned Christian-based life skills in an interactive and informative session.

Kids Trauma Healing camp

Trauma healing training for the region

Bible Days Iraq 2017

Hike for Bibles 2017

launch of “Armenian – English New Testament”

Programs and Activities video 2016

Launch of the book “with the bible everyday”

Hike for Bibles 2016

10 years Downtown bookshop Celebration

Trauma Healing Launch in Lebanon