History of Bible Society Lebanon – How it all started

The Bible distribution work in Lebanon & Syria dates back to 1820, when some missionaries covered the region under the umbrella of American and British Bible Societies. On September 9, 1950, a group of Christian national leaders – clergy, businessmen, and lawyers – formally organized the Bible Society with the single-minded conviction that the widespread distribution of Bibles was the most effective way to change lives and reform society.

Bible Society is rooted in the rich heritage of the middle-Eastern Churches’ Bible tradition. We remember the many Arabic translations of the Bible that had benefited from Syriac and Coptic previous translations. For more than 50 years the Bible Society has worked with Christian and other Biblical scholars from every tradition to translate, produce, and distribute the Scriptures. Bible Society was responsible for the whole Levant region – Syria, Jordan, Iraq and the Gulf States. As a national Bible Society, it became an associate member of the United Bible Societies – a worldwide fellowship that today includes national Bible Societies in 135 countries – in 1983 and a full member in 1996. More than 6.5 billion copies of the Scriptures have been distributed through the efforts of this global fellowship.

Honor List

This is to honor individuals who have shown exceptional support for the Bible Society cause.

  • Pierre Daccashe - History of Bible Society Lebanon

    MP Dr. Pierre Daccashe

    Pierre Daccashe was born on December 11 in Hadath, Beirut in 1928. His father is Abdo Daccashe and his mother, Mary Yazbek. He is married to Norma Harb, who is…...

  • Bishop Paul Matar

    Archbishop of Beirut of the Maronites Bishop Paul Matar

    He was born on 1 February in 1940 in the Naameh, Chouf district. He completed his elementary and secondary studies at the Patriarchal School and got his Lebanese baccalaureate from…...

  • Minister Michel Edde

    His Excellency Minister Michel Edde

    He was born on February 1, 1928, in Beirut. His parents were Selim Edde and Isabelle Malhama. He completed his elementary and secondary studies at St. Joseph’s School for Jesuit…...

  • Monsignor Boulos Feghali

    Monsignor Boulos Feghali

    He was born on November 28, 1935, in the Kafr El-Abeda, Batroun. He completed his elementary and secondary studies in the Jesuit seminary. He holds a BA in theology from…...

  • Hiam Abu Shadeed

    The actress and presenter Hiam Abu Shadeed

    She was born on 18 January 1966. Her father is the poet Elia Abu Shadeed and her sister journalist and actor Nagham Abu Shadeed. She is married to Dr. Suhail…...

  • Youssef Al-Khal

    Youssef Al-Khal – Poet and journalist

    He was born on December 25, 1917, in Syria. He married the writer and poet Maha Berqdar and has two sons: Ward and Youssef. During his Bachelor of Science studies,…...

  • Roland Abu Joudeh

    Bishop Roland Abu Joudeh

    He was born on 7 September 1930 in Jal al-Deeb. He completed his elementary, intermediate and secondary studies at the apostles’ school in Jounieh. He holds a BA in theology,…...


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