How God helped me find Him again

Email from Dr. KH:

“We want to say thank you for helping us find the bus station in Downtown Beirut. Also, thanks for giving us the New Testament as a gift.”

“Sometimes we remember you and talk about you when we review our trip and the photos.”

It was a cold night in March 2015. The day at the Bible Society bookstore, even though located in the heart of downtown Beirut, had been long and slow. As the time to close up was nearing, a foreign family consisting of a man, Dr. K, his wife, and son came in to look around.

They stopped at one of the icons of the Holy family and studied it carefully. Then, as they continued to look around, they spotted the New Testament displayed. The family was surprised to find a book in their mother tongue in the heart of Beirut! They each took turns examining the book and flipping through the pages.They decided to buy it.

Dr. K rushed to the money exchange office nearby to get money to buy the book. However, he came back with a disappointed look on his face. The currency he had was not available at the money exchange office.

“We’ll come back tomorrow to buy it,” Dr.K said assuring his family.

I was just as disappointed as they were for I had seen the excitement and enthusiasm on their faces over the thought of taking the book with them. As soon as they said goodbye and left, I felt an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Something in me told me that they would not be able to come the next day. They should not just walk out empty-handed.

I grabbed the New Testament and ran after them. Once I caught up with them, I told the husband, “Dr.K, please accept this book as a gift from our bookshop”.
The family was so happy and thankful for the gift, and I felt they somehow knew that what they have been given was more than just a book.

We said our goodbyes once again and I went back to close the bookshop for the day.
As I was on my way to the bus stop, I was still thinking of the family I had just met and regretted not taking their contact information or maybe a photo with them, for something about them left a mark on me.

As I was in the midst of my thoughts, I saw the family again, still only a few blocks away from the bookshop. I was glad to see them and took the opportunity to exchange email addresses and take a few pictures. We said our goodbyes for the third time and left our separate ways, or that’s what I thought.
As I was continuing my walk to the bus stop, I realized that they were still behind me, looking a bit lost.

“Where are you going?” I asked.
“We’re going to Jounieh, but we’re not sure where the bus station is. Can you help us?” replied Dr.K.

It so happened that I was going to Jounieh as well, so I told them to join me.
I will never forget that hour and a half we spent on the bus. It was probably the first time that I was ever thankful for the traffic in Lebanon!

Dr. K asked me many questions about Christianity and it was evident that he had given the topic a lot of thought. I answered his questions the best way I could and made sure to tell him about the love of God through Jesus Christ and the work of salvation that He has done for us.

Eventually, I reached my destination and said my last goodbye to the family. Before I got off the bus, the wife gave me a pack of biscuits and bid me farewell. For me, it was not just a pack of biscuits that I was given; however, it was a sweet gesture full of love from someone whom I shared my heart with through speaking about my Lord Jesus Christ.

At the time that this happened, my mom was dying in the hospital and I was drowning in my pain. The way I see it, God knew that He was the only one able to bring joy back to my heart; so He arranged the encounter with this beautiful family to help me find Him and touch Him again.

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