To promote the importance and standing of the Bible through research, think-tank, resources, and organizing public seminars and lectures.

Based in the Bible Society Center and headed by a qualified Translation Consultant and scholar, the MENA Center for Biblical Studies serves as a focal point for all those interested in researching and finding relevant resources. This project, in partnership with the Catholic Biblical Federation in the Middle East, entails organizing public seminars and inviting Biblical scholars to discuss and debate various contextual biblical issues. These seminars will serve as a research and development department and a think tank. Topics covered/published to date:

  • 2015: The Bible
  • 2016: Various Reading of the Bible
  • 2017: Old translations of the Bible
  • 2018: Bible and Violence
  • 2019: Bible and Prophecy
  • 2020: Bible and Lebanon
  • 2021: Bible and Pandemics
  • 2022: Bible in Context
  • 2023: Bible and Homeland
  • 2024: The Bible, Creation, and Redemption

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