Online Bible Competition for Catholic Schools 2023

In February 2023, in partnership with the General Secretariat of Catholic Schools and the Lebanese Episcopal Commission for Christian Education, an Online competition was successfully launched for the year 2023 with the participation of more than 3100 students from 45 schools and 61 Christian education teachers. The competition concluded with the finals in May 2023.

The competition was conducted individually and directly with each student under the supervision of the Christian education teacher.

With great enthusiasm, the first stage was completed, which involved competition among classes within each school, and announced the results, informing the winning teams in the three categories of the competition.

The competition was held at three levels:

1- Easy: A competition on the Synoptic Gospels

2- Intermediate: The Gospel of John

3- Difficult: The books of Genesis and Exodus

In the second stage, competitions took place between representatives of the schools; and the finalists from each category reached the final round.

The final stage took place physically at the General Secretariat of Catholic Schools, where the participating students came with full attention and focus, accompanied by their parents and teachers, to compete for the first place in the competition.

The team of the Bible Society prepared the questions in a new and modern way; the competition was intense, and the results were very close.

After the competition concluded, prizes were distributed to the students and teachers in the presence of the General Secretary of Catholic Schools in Lebanon, Fr. Youssef Nasr, the General Secretary of the Episcopal Commission for Christian Education, Fr. Dani Ephrem, and the General Secretary of Bible Society, Dr. Mike Bassous.

The Bible Society’s mission is to spread the Holy Bible’s message and culture to all generations through translating, publishing, and distributing the Scriptures using visual, audio-visual, readable, and digital formats, encouraging people to read and engage with God’s Word, advocating the Bible cause to uphold human dignity, and partnering with all Churches and Christian institutions.


Father Youssef Nasr: a heartfelt thank you to Bible Society for inspiring students and their families to engage with the Bible in this innovative manner.

Father Dani Ephrem: an immense effort undertaken by Bible Society, and what’s most important is that it helps the school and specifically the Christian education teacher in shaping a new perception of the Bible in the minds of students.

Dr. Mike Bassous: we place all the resources of the organization at the disposal of the Church in Lebanon during these challenging circumstances, which we must overcome together as institutions, associations, families, and students.

Roy (one of the winners): the beauty of the competition is that it encourages us to read the Bible. Personally, I don’t usually open it and don’t know what it contains, but the competition motivated me to read it. Initially, it was to win the competition, but it has become more than that now.

Maya (second-place winner): it’s true that I lost in the finals, but I won a new experience with the Word of God. I thank all those in charge of the competition.

Nada (mother of one of the winners): I encourage all parents to support their children in their spiritual lives and encourage them to engage with the Bible not just in words but through virtuous deeds. Parents should test the strength of the Word so they can transmit it to their children.

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