In 2019, Bible Society Lebanon officially launched a Literacy program for refugees and underprivileged Communities. The aim of this program is to provide a safe and loving environment for children and adults where they can take Bible-based literacy courses.

For children, this presents them with a hope to eventually get back to the formal education system. Meanwhile, the adults get equipped with skills that can open for them doors of opportunities to better living.

The curriculum was prepared with the help of an education specialist. So far it contains two basic levels. The first starts with teaching how to read and write the Arabic alphabet and distinguishing their sounds, and ends with connecting words or sentences with their respective images. The second starts with reveiwing the alphabet and numbers and ends with writing an essay.

All throughout the program, the students use the 365 Arabic Bible stories book, which comes with an audio CD, as their reference.

One of the teachers who are implementing this program is Dany Darwish. He is an Arabic language teacher in a Bible-based literacy program in a school set up by a church in Zahle. He explained that the purpose of the program is to bring children that were on the streets who want to get an education, but did not have the opportunity because of difficult circmstances or unavailibility of spots in schools.
The program teaches the basics of the Arabic language using the Bible.

The advantage of this book, continued Dawrish, is that it benefits the children both intellectually and spiritually. Through learning how to read and write, the students would also be receiving heartfelt and life-changing lesssons.

The Bible Society provides all the books and materials necessary for the program.
The teachers and students receive supplies such as copy books, coloring pencils, pencil cases, pencils, whiteboard pens, scissors…
If the center of the shool is not well equipped, the Bible Society could also provide equipment such as a whiteboard, television, dvd player and CD player.

HD TV, DVD, school supplies, 365 stories book with CD

Contact us if you’d like to adopt this program.