In celebration of the sixth week of the Bible under the theme of “The Youth and the Bible”, the Bible Society, in cooperation with the General Secretariat of Catholic Schools, is launching an online competition for schools in Lebanon.

The competition begins during the week of the Bible (18 to 24 November) and ends by Easter.

The competition is composed of questions from the Old Testament and the New Testament, divided into 3 categories:

– Easy (third to fifth grade)

– Medium (grades 6 through 8)

– Difficult (grades 9 through 12)

Every week until Christmas, the categories will answer one set of questions. The first phase of the competition will be an internal one in each school. Meaning that in every school, classes will compete against each other until only the best 3 teams are left, one from each category. The winning team will be chosen based on the highest number of correct answers in the least amount of time.

During Christmas and Easter, the contest becomes a competition between the representative of each school until 2 teams are left in each category.

The finale will be a live ceremony where we will find out who is the winning team in each category.
Valuable prizes await the winners!

How to register to participate in the competition:

– Registration of the school and the number of classes participating in each category at the following link:

– Over the course of the competition, the quizzes will be sent out to the emails registered in the above form

Teacher instructions:

1- Every Monday starting 3 December you will receive a link in the email address you provided to access the quiz

2- During Bible class, choose one student to use the laptop/computer to input the answers of the quiz on behalf of the class. As soon as you open the link the quiz will start.

3- The students have 12 minutes to finish the quiz. When the time is up, the form will auto submit.

4- The winners will be chosen based on the highest number of correct answers in the least amount of time.

Rules and regulations:

1- The link sent to the teachers should be kept private and not shared publicly with the students

2- Every class participating in the competition will be allowed to take the quiz once every week. If the class submitted the same quiz more than once, only the first submission will be considered valid.

3- The students are to come up with the answers on their own, without any help from a teacher.

4- The students are not advised to share the questions or answers with other teams.

5- Unrealistic timing and answers will be disqualified.