Dr. Bassous joined the Bible Society in Lebanon [also responsible for the work in Syria and Iraq] in 1999 and is appointed General Secretary / CEO since 2004. As part of an international network operating in more than 200 countries, he was elected as Vice-Chairman (in 2005) then Chairman of the United Bible Societies (UBS) Europe Middle East Area Board in 2009 and Vice Chairman of the UBS Global Board in 2011 until 2014, and was recently re-elected (2019) to serve again on the UBS Global Council. He is also a member of SAT-7’s International Council and Executive Board, representing UBS.

Prior to the Bible Society, Dr. Bassous worked in various business, executive, and entrepreneurial leadership positions for 12 years in multi-national corporations, mainly in the insurance sector and related holding companies.

He currently holds a Doctorate of Management (PhD) in Organizational Leadership degree from the University of Phoenix, a Diploma in Theological Studies from the Near East School of Theology, an MBA from the American University of Beirut, and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Long Island University, New York. An Adjunct Professor at Taylor University (USA), Lebanese American University, Sagesse University, and Notre Dame University (Lebanon) – graduate level, he has also published several articles and researches, Christian and secular, focusing particularly on the areas of nonprofit organizations, Mideast issues, and Church relations.
Specialized in human behavior at work, resource development, change and crisis management, strategic planning, motivational techniques, and organizational leadership, his credentials include a Leadership-Motivation Model developed specifically for leaders who are seeking to motivate their workers.