Born in 1955 in Ain Zhalta, Chouf, and married to Esther Krenz with three boys and a girl, Mr. Müller holds a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA (1979). He is the chairman of Müller Industries SARL, a bricks and roof tiles manufacturing firm. As an elder at the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Rabieh, he is currently a member of the administrative board and the executive committee  at the National Evangelical Synod for Syria and Lebanon, and in that capacity he represents the Synod on the Board of Trustees of the Lebanese American University, LAU. Mr. Müller is currently the President of the Association of North Maten Industrialists. He is also the Vice President of the Lebanese Unitary Scouts Organization. Mr. Müller is a returning member on the Bible Society Lebanon Board, serving the Bible Society for another term.