She was born on 18 January 1966. Her father is the poet Elia Abu Shadeed and her sister journalist and actor Nagham Abu Shadeed.
She is married to Dr. Suhail Al-Hajili and has two children.
She studied acting art and received a postgraduate diploma in directing.
When she first started out as a TV presenter, she relocated multiple television stations. She presented “Studio Al Fan” in 1992 and 1996 and Nharkom Saeed on Lebanese television.
She attracted a large number of viewers in the program “Jadal”, meaning «controversy» because she shed light on bold topics and issues happening in the Arab world at the time that others did not have the courage to address. She also presented the TV program “Ana Kaman” on MTV which was a big hit.
In 2012, she collaborated with the Bible Society in the “El Kalima Elak” TV talk show program for about 20 episodes that were aired on MTV and OTV channels. In each episode, she hosted new guests who explained the Word of God and shared its transformational work in their lives.
She also presented the program “Wars and Faith”, which highlighted the faith of the most prominent Christian political leaders in Lebanon.

The bible society honored her in 2013 for her contributions and work in media, humanities and the church, as well as for using her talents in service of others.