The Bible, from one generation to the next

One time, a young lady in her twenties entered the Bible Society showroom in Bauchrieh looking for a Bible in Arabic. She started looking through the Bibles thoroughly, opening them one by one and examining them. By turn, she would put the Bibles back, seemingly having not found what she was looking for.

When I asked her how I could help, she told me the story of what had brought her to us.

All throughout her life, there was a Bible laying around the house. However, she never had the curiosity to read it and therefore never thought of opening it to find out what it says.

Until one day, her mother traveled abroad and forgot her Bible. She then asked her daughter to ship the Bible to her as it was very dear to her heart. Therefore, the young lady started to wonder what would make a book so special and decided to have a look at it.

As she started reading the Bible, she fell in love with its message and couldn’t stop reading. She then couldn’t bear the thought of departing with it to send it to her mother. So she came to our bookshop to find a replica of the Bible that her mother had. However, the Arabic Van Dyck copy that she was looking for was old and no longer available. Nevertheless, the girl decided to keep her mother’s old Bible and send her a new one instead.

I see many people coming into the showroom, but that girl left a mark in me. Her enthusiasm and passion for God’s word, especially for someone her age, were unique.

Looking at this generation it is at times discouraging to see how lightly they take God’s word. However, after this girl’s story, I was very encouraged to see that there are still people seeking the Word and being changed by it.

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