The Book of Psalms Interpretation (Part I-II) by Dr. Nicola Abu Mrad

It is the essence of the author’s thoughts with some reflections resulting from deep experiences of the youth era connected to the Word of God.

The author wanted to shed light on the modern reading of the Book of Psalms, which is considered truly the heart of the Bible as it is one of the poetic books that springs from the heart of the believer towards God. How beautiful are the hymns and prayers that rise from this venerable book, they are like fragrant incense.

This book was published on 7/12/2023, but it is the result of enormous effort since 2012 and diligent work by the inspired author Dr. Nicola Abu Mrad.

As for the relationship between the Bible Society Lebanon and the Book of Psalms Interpretation, its journey with this book practically began at the beginning of 2022 in the following manner:

  • Proofreading was conducted between the original text of the author and the layout text for printing, ensuring accuracy in all page details, including numbering and consistency in formatting throughout the book, such as introductions, titles, and divisions…
  • Proofreading of the Psalms’ numbers, titles, and biblical references involved ensuring their correct placement according to the text.

It is worth mentioning that the effective partnership between Orthodox Publications and the Bible Society Lebanon was the main incentive for the launch of this book. The spirit of positive cooperation was the factor that contributed to the production of such a book.

What distinguishes this book is that there are many contemplative books about some Psalms, but it is rare to find a book that explains the entire Book of Psalms.

As for the marketing process, 1500 copies consisting of two volumes 1 and 2 were printed at a value of thirty US dollars. As for our Christmas offer, it is delivering the two copies to your home at a price of 25 US dollars without any additional cost.

The Bible Society Lebanon and all its partners from publishing houses are committed and serious about marketing and promoting the book with diligence and enthusiasm. The reader can obtain it from Christian and public libraries in Lebanon and Syria.

This book was launched through a conference at Sagesse University – Furn Al Shebbak on 18/12/2023, knowing that this is not the only time it has been launched.

It is necessary to mention the encouragement from the Biblical Federation to which the author belongs.

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