The Lord is Good and Holy

In our wounded and hurting homeland that has been suffering from economic problems and from the deadly epidemic, Covid 19; add to that the 4th of August explosion the size of a nuclear bomb, the Lord is still using his people. He uses them as vessels to speak to his loved ones, to show his love and affection for them, and bring them back to Him.

On Thursday, August 20, a woman entered our bookshop in Bauchrieh to ask about a book called “Where is God when it hurts”, whose ad she saw on our Instagram. Then she shared her pain with me.
In the past year, she had moved away from God, with whom she had had a father daughter relationship. Now, she is sick, to be admitted to the hospital the next morning for a hysterectomy because doctors discovered that she has malignant tumor. The title of the book reminded her of God, who used to be her love, and thought that he would speak to her through this book.

After hearing out her story, I randomly opened the book to read out something to her. I landed upon chapter 6, page 75, whose title is “What is God trying to tell us?” It was like a confirmation that the Lord will speak to her heart, emotions, and her eternal density.
It is true that she suffers from a malignant disease, but her memories with her beloved were a source of hope to her to return to his fatherly embrace. She realized that whatever the outcome of the operation, she has a life with the God of Glory, Jesus Christ, where salvation is found, and nowhere else. Here, I cannot help but remember the Apostle Paul, who says in his letter in Romans 8:28 ” We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purpose. “

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